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Choosing a Skateboard


Have I mentioned that I am a skater girl?


It’s ME on the my board:


This is my FAVORITE activity to make me feel refreshed. If I’m dealing with something shitty at the moment, I just hop on my skateboard and I can whiz around. The air whipping through my hair makes me forget (almost) anything.

You HAVE to check this Youtube video out. I’m still a newbie when it comes to tricks and this video helped me tons:

Anyway, we should get to the point of this post!

Without further adieu:


Cherry’s Top Three Skateboards


Love the skulls and blood and punk. As a semi-goth girl, these ones are right up my alley. Plus, Elissa Steamer is my hero (she’s on their team).

These boards have enough flexibility and great quality wheels.


These boards are just simply great quality. My pal Jimmy is extremely rough with his, but he never runs into quality issues. He let me try his out for a few tricks, and I was impressed.


These are my absolute FAVE. Built from all-American Maple, and super great quality. They even have their own (patented?) AirLam press method of creating their boards. Awesome!


Well, I helped that this guide helped you pick out your next skateboard. Here’s me checking out.

– Cherry


Love the memory of my nerd dad, refilling the ink cartridges when they were low, and spilling the ink everywhere, and on all the new printer sheets… haha! It was awesome 🙂


Here’s a tutorial, just for fun: