Love at First Sight <3

I wanted to tell you about my boyfriend, Fred. He is so attentive and sweet and always makes me feel good. He works for Electricians are so cool! I do tell him that he always has to be safe. It can be a dangerous job for sure.

Here’s a photo of us:

goth girl-boyfriend-electrician-cuddle

We did a little photoshoot together in the field and he actually posed (normally he does not like photos). Anyway, you’ll hear from him now and then, for sure.

We’ve been together for three years now and thinking about marriage. I read this article recently from the NY Times on Why you Marry the Wrong Person. It’s food for thought. Have I picked the right guy in Fred? We definitely listen to each other thoroughly and we both have healthy attitudes toward money.

I’ve been watching videos on successful relationships to make sure ours stays that way!